9 Sept 2020

7 Apps Like(Smilar to) WinZO Gold to Earn Free Paytm Cash

apps like winzo gold
In this post, I'll share with you, apps that are similar to WinZO Gold.

If you don't know: Winzo Gold is an Android app that allows you to earn paytm cash by playing games, answering quizzes, playing game tournaments and inviting friends. The app had a free version not so long ago but they discontinued it. Enough now. You get the picture, right.

You can read more about WinZO Gold here.


List of Apps Like WinZO Gold:

1. MPL(Mobile Premier league):

apps similar to winzo gold
When I think about apps that are like WinZO Gold MPL is the first app that comes to mind. Because the MPL app was based on the concept similar to Winzo gold but due to their aggressive advertisement and huge investment it grew faster and now is bigger gaming.

With MPL you can earn Paytm cash by playing games and inviting users to the app.

You can earn up to Rs. 75 per referral.

Referral Code: WUEK73

Sign up Bonus: ₹50

2. Qureka:

alternative to winzo app
Qureka is another app that is similar to WinZO Gold. And other than games you can also play live quizzes to win Paytm cash.

You can earn Rs. 10 per referral.

Referral Code: HIMA3525

Sign up Bonus: ₹50

3. Qureka Pro:

It is more similar to Winzo as it has paid tournaments while Qureka let you play tournaments for coins you need cash to play them in Qureka Pro.

This app can't be downloaded from Play Store you need to go to their website.

Referral Code: 2703DC3C

Sign up Bonus: ₹6 + 150 coins

4. MGPL(Mobile Gaming Premier League):

apps like winzo gold
MGPL is another alternative to Winzo app.

This app allows you to join battles against other live players and tournaments and win Paytm cash. You need to pay the entry fee to join of course.

You can use coins to join practice games.

5. MiniJoy

MiniJoy is a great app that also kets you earn paytm cash by playing games. It is quite similar to WinZO. You can get a signup bonus of up to ₹51 on sign up. You can also refer your friends and earn up to ₹31 per referral. 

Referral Code: MNJ5JJ

Sign up Bonus: ₹51

6. OneAd App:

One is a great app where you can earn free paytm cash just by playing games. You can get a signup bonus of ₹3. And invite your friends and ear from your network activities. On OneAd tournaments are held every 1 hour and everyone wins.

Referral Code: BG29SP7

Sign up Bonus: ₹3

Download OneAd App: Click here

7. SPL Pro

PlaySPL Logo
SPL Pro is another great app where you can earn Paytm cash by playing games. Although it doesn't has half as many games as WinZO Gold. But of the best things about SPL Pro is that you can pay 100% of the entry fee of the tournaments using your cash bonus.

Referral Code: 6Z8KHUOC

Sign up Bonus: ₹45((Referral Code Bonus) ₹25 + ₹20 (Sign up Bonus))


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