Oct 12, 2021

[₹7000]WinZO Gold Referral Code(HIMC2218) and Coupon Code: October 2021

winzo gold referral code 2019
Winzo gold bonus coupon and REFERRAL CODE(HIMC2218). You can use WinZO Coupon codes to earn a free cash bonus. These Coupon codes can be found on their social media handles. Enter this during registration for bonus cash: HIMC2218
earn bonus
Winzo Coupon For 100% CashBack:
This code will be automatically applied when you add cash to your WinZO gold wallet. The same amount as you add will be added as a cash bonus.

Winzo Coupon Code: FANTASY5OFF1

Get ₹5 off on first fantasy ticket.

Winzo Gold Coupon Code: WW2OFF

Get ₹2 discount on first three world war tickets.

Winzo Gold Coupon Code: 


How to Refer & Earn ₹220:

You can also sign up as a WinZO Superstar and earn redeemable cash instead of cash bonus. But you should only sign up for Superstar if you can refer at least 25 members.
winzo superstar
25 users need to install and signup on the app through your referral link before you can redeem.

After you register as WinZO superstar you will get a referral link.

What you will earn:
  1. Per Install: Rs. 5
  2. On add cash: Rs. 10
  3. On game played: Rs.5
  4. On Superstar: Rs. 200

How to Earn WinZO Referral Code Bonus:

  1. First, download the app from here.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Open WinZO Gold and Register with your mobile number.
  4. Click Apply Referral code:
    apply referral code
  5. Enter this Winzo Gold Refer code: HIMC2218.
  6. That's it.

How To Earn Cash Bonus with Coupon Code:

1. Open your WinZO Gold app
2. Go to Wallet tab
3. Hit the Earn Cash Bonus button
winzo gold earn cash bonus
4. Enter the coupon code and tap the APPLY CODE button.
enter coupon code

5. That's it

WinZO Gold Refer & Earn:

Winzo gold app has a great refer and earn program. You can share your invite code with your friends and earn a cash bonus every time a new user registers using your referral code.

For every invite, you can earn up to Rs. 34.
winzo gold refer and earn

If you are a new user you can enter this Winzo Gold referral code: HIMC2218.

You also have the option to become SuperStart and share a unique link instead of code. But you will earn less(Rs.26) so there is no point.

How to Refer and Earn:

  1. In the WinZO app go to Refer and Earn tab.
  2. Tap the Share button.
  3. Now either Copy to clipboard or share it on Whatsapp.
  4. Now you will get your referral code.
  5. Share it with your friends and earn an unlimited cash bonus.

How To Earn Money in WinZO Gold App:

Live Games:

In the Winzobaazi tab, you can pick from 21 WinZO games. You just have to select a game, pay the entry fee(boot) and play the. you are playing with live players. So you and the other payers only get one chance.
Depending on the total boot or number of players there can be 1-3 winners.

You have to score higher than others to win money.

Before you start playing Winzobaazi you should first play some practice games.

Game Tournaments:

Game tournaments are available in the 24x7 Tournaments tab.
Here you can join a game tournament and play the game. To join the tournament you need to pay the entry fee.

After you have joined the tournament you can play unlimited times and only your high scorer is used to calculate your rank

You can play over and over again until the tournament ends.

You will win a prize depending on your rank.

Daily Quizzes:

In this tab, you can earn Paytm cash by answering quizzes. Though they aren't quizzes as it mostly depends on your luck.
winzo gold daily quiz
As for some quizzes, winners are decided by the number of votes an answer gets and in others there are multiple correct answers, your answer needs to meet the answer selected by the admin to win.

You can pay 50% of the entry fee of Daily Quizzes using your Winzo gold cash bonus.

WinZO Daily Quiz Answers:
The answers to the daily quizzes are not fixed. There can be multiple correct answers to those questions. The answer is selected by the administrator.

Fantasy League:

On WinzZO Gold you can also play fantasy sports.
The sports supported by WinZO Gold right now are Cricket, Football and Kabaddi.

You can create your team of 15 players and join a tournament and win more money.

Wheel of Fortune:

Every day you get one spin. with the wheel of fortune, you can win cash bonus, tournament bonus and more.

Give Loans:

You can also give your friends loans and get up to double the amount when they have money in their wallets.

I wouldn't recommend it though.

Because you will only get your money or more money if the user you gave loan to has money in his wallet. If they lose your money and have more in winnings you won't get your money back.

Download WinZO Gold App apk:

The Winzo Gold app is only available for Android users. To download the app you need to go to Winzogames.com. Here you can enter the mobile number to receive the download link if you are on PC. If you are using a phone you can click on the "Download Android App" to download the WinZO Gold Apk and install it.

There are many apps like winzo Gold. I've actually written a post on that. The link to that post has been given below.

The size of the Winzo apk is around 30MB so it won't take a lot of time to download the file.

Download WinZO Gold apk

How to Withdraw Money From Winzo App:

  1. Head to the Wallet tab.
  2. Hit the Withdraw button.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Select How you would like to receive the amount: Paytm wallet, UPI and Bank Account.
There is no such thing as WinZO gold hack or mod apk. Those types of tricks can harm your device. They don't gave a customer care number but you can chat with them from within the app.

WinZO Gold Payment Proof:

payment proof
winzo gold proof

Is WinZO App Safe?


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